Osrs Rum Deal Runescape Guide

Osrs Rum Deal Runescape Guide. Talk to pirate pete, north of port phasmatys. Recharge your prayer if you have fewer than 470 points.

[OSRS] Rum Deal Quest Guide [PTBR] YouTube[OSRS] Rum Deal Quest Guide [PTBR] YouTube
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King lathas has appointed you to discover the underground pass to the west ardougne, where his brother king… Any type of axe, bow strings, knife, feathers, hammer,. Be careful of zombie pirates (levels 68 and 72).

Now Talk To Captain Braindeath.

In the tai bwo wannai trio quest, chief timfraku of tai bwo wannai village needs your help to… Welcome to our guide for the rum deal quest in osrs gold! He will knock you out and take you to braindeath island.

King Lathas Has Appointed You To Discover The Underground Pass To The West Ardougne, Where His Brother King…

Rum deal quest revolves around the task of getting the production of rum restarted to end the ongoing… Climb down the stairs and find the blindweed patch to the south. If you do not have the slayer gloves equipped then you will take up to a 100 damage with their melee attack.

He Says He Needs Stagnant Water For The Rum.

Run south, climb down the wooden stair. Rake the patch which isn't 'trashed' then plant your seed. Talk to pirate pete, north of port phasmatys.

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Agree to help him, and refuse the money he offers you. Quick guides provide a brief summary of the steps needed for completion. Rake the patch and then plant the seed.

Once Your Outside Go To The West And.

Talk to pirate pete, decline the money. Take its corpse to the hopper and put it in. Talk to the pirate pete and agree to help him, then.

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