How To Unlock Chapter Select Stray

How To Unlock Chapter Select Stray. You can check out all of stray’s trophies at the link below. Here is also another door that you will have to.

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When the chapter starts, you’ll get out of your cage and get out of the. Use a paper bag over your head to unlock the “curiosity killed the cat” trophy. Opening the safe will give you access to music sheet 8/8, which you could then give to morusque for his side quest.

Stray Consists Of 12 Chapters In Total.

In fact, unlocking this achievement is probably the easiest. This includes a full walkthrough, as well as information on where to find all collectibles, how to. Once you get to the flat in stray chapter 3, you will find a door to unlock.

Go Out Of The Subway And You’ll See A Worker Robot.

There are a few different types of objects that can be scratched. To unlock the 'pacifist' trophy in stray, players will need to make it through the sewers without killing a single zurk during chapter 8 of. Once you have finished the game, you will be able to jump into any of the 10 available chapters.

How To Complete Chapter 11.

Approximate amount of time to platinum: After going to the main menu, chapters you have played earlier will appear on your screen, and you may select any chapter to play again. Go back to the safe and enter the code 1283 to open the safe.

They All Flow Naturally Into One Another, And Their Size And Scope Varies.

Solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles or. This will bring you to your saved games. See the list below for recommended places to scratch at in each chapter in the game.

Opening The Safe Will Give You Access To Music Sheet 8/8, Which You Could Then Give To Morusque For His Side Quest.

Use a paper bag over your head to unlock the “curiosity killed the cat” trophy. It's on top of a building near a. In this guide, you will be learn how to unlock the chapter select option in stray.

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