How To Purify The Crystal In Genshin Impact

How To Purify The Crystal In Genshin Impact. Radiant spincrystals were added to genshin impact as part of its 2.4 update, and they can be purchased from chubby, the teapot traveling salesman, for 100 realm currency each. Stand beside the mechanism and it will charge up the crystal to purify it.

How to Purify The Crystal In Genshin Impact from

The correct item order is: Go down the well, break the wall, then follow the electro orb. They are used primarily for forging mystic enhancement ore and certain weapons.

Go Under The Area Of The 2Nd Mechanism Then Go West.

️ if you find t. G uyun stone forest location. To purify the large crystal, you need to locate five mechanisms around the area and charge them up with the help of the lumenstone adjuvant.

Crystal Ore Are Generally Found Inside.

You need a refine lumenstone adjuvant to open the purple door. Go west of the southern teleporter. You can complete genshin impact purify the large crystal mi.

They Are Used Primarily For Forging Mystic Enhancement Ore And Certain Weapons.

Teleport back to the south teleporter then drop down to. Players need to switch to this water character and physically clean up the stains with their abilities, using the e key if playing on a pc, and attack the stains. Our guide lists out the shrine locations with maps, along with how to solve.

In This Video, I Show How To Complete The Quest Purify The Large Crystal Part Of The Wherefore Did The Spiritstone Descend In Genshin Impact.

Crystal chunks are turquoise crystals used in forging and alchemy. The genshin impact genesis glass can be used in a number of ways. Head south of the glowing narrow as shown below location on the map and talk.

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Purify the large crystal genshin impact. Stand beside the mechanism and it will charge up the crystal to purify it. When hit by this kind of elemental effect, the electro crystal will break open, and leave a collectable shard behind for you to grab.

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