How To Change Your Age In Multiversus Account

How To Change Your Age In Multiversus Account. The real reason why players get stuck at offline mode is hidden in the age of the players. Do you want to change your age in multiversus so you can be 18 and over?

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If you end up in the same scenario, in our information, you’ll discover ways to. Here’s what you need to do: Also, you can delete the firstlaunch_save.sav file in the game files.

I'm Having The Same Problem.

Doing this will give me the option to select my age again. The offline mode bug actually has nothing to do with the game servers. Navigate to local disk (c) and.

This Guide Will Let You Know How To Change Your Age In The Multiversus Account.

They don't verify email addresses at account creation, and this is a big problem. When you launch the game on pc or steam you need to type in your age. Come take a look at how to change age in multiversus if you are unable to access the game after selecting your age the first time.

Start By Opening The File Explorer.

I accidentally put in the wrong email, an email i don’t even own. You must go outside of the game to do it on pc. How do i ch age wb accounts on multiversus?

Scroll Down And Click On “Multiversus”.

Delete the file firstlaunch_save.sav in the savegames folder. On pc there are some steps to follow to change the age. Click on view, then check off the hidden items box so the app data folder can be accessed.

After You’ve Deleted The “Savedgames” Folder, Try Starting Multiversus Again.

Here’s what you need to do: I don’t know how to change multiversus accounts to my actual email. After deleting the savegames folder, launch multiversus again from.

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